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Drive Care

No matter how well your block paving is laid, all pavings, from the very best to the basic ones, require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Maintenance keeps your paving in prime condition.

There are four main methods of Maintenance.

Regular brushing 

This disturbs newly emerging weeds and gets them before they can fully establish themselves.

Weed Killers 

These work. Look for products that have been specifically developed for use with paving or in gardens, rather than general herbicides, which kill everything. These are suitable for paving and selectively target the weeds without discolouring the paving or killing off adjacent lawns or bedding plants.


A good quality sealant will prevent weeds settling into the pavement structure. However, even the very best sealant cannot prevent the build-up of leaves and other organic matter, so you still need to brush the drive or patio regularly.

Power Jet Washers

These are great but do brush the surface before using and then use the lance at an angle to try to not remove the sand between the slabs or blocks.